Acid Rain and Plant Growth
In this experiment the Independent variable is the acid rain(water polluted with smoke) and the Dependent Variable is the plant growth affected by the acid rain.
Some other variables that may affect the DV is the amount of oxygen and sunlight the plant receives. Also, the soil the plant is in.
Acid rain is any form of precipitation that has a high acidic level. Acid rain is high in hydrogen ions which causes it to have such a low pH level. Acid rain is caused by carbon emissions. Some examples of types of carbon emissions are smoke from factories leaking into the sky, cars leak out carbon, and lightning. Human production was a primary cause of acid rain. Acid rain causes major damage to the environment many ways. Aquatic animals and ecosystems are in danger if the acid rain leaks into bodies of water either by falling from clouds or leaking from mountain tops. Acid rain became such a problem in the U.S in the 80’s that they created a law for it. It was called the Acid Deposition Act. It established an 18-year assessment and was very effective.

Plant growth is reliant on many things. Plant growth can be affected by sunlight, the type of soil, the amount of soil, the amount of water, minerals, fertilizer, and the list goes on. If a plant does not get the requirements needed to grow, the results will be in the plant dying. Acid rain has a very substantial and negative effect on plant population dying out. Acid rain adds pollutants to the plants trying to grow. Trees, grass, flowers, algae, and other plant forms all help the Earth survive. They provide oxygen to the atmosphere which organisms need in order to live. If acid rain kills out masses of plants, oxygen levels will go down.

Crops are used to feed human beings and animals. When crops get affected by acid rain, terrible results will come. The acid rain may cause the crops to mutate and they will no longer be good for consumption. This may cause starvation in some areas that base their food intake on the production of crops.

If acid rain leaks into aquifers, it will contaminate one of our only fresh water resources. This could have an effect on plant growth and food intake because if farmers water their crops with the polluted water, it will destroy them. Also, when gardeners water their flowers, it may kill the entire garden.

In the experiment, it will show ways that acid `rain effects the growth of specific plants. 2 of the same plant species will be used in this experiment in 3 groups. Also, the amount of water for both acid rain and distilled water will be of equal measurement. The sunlight intake will also be identical for all three groups.

Acid rain was first discovered in 1853 by scientists. Chemist Robert Angus came up with the term acid rain. Acid rain has been an issue in the United States especially before it was even discovered.