By: Kimanh Nguyen

The nerve cell transport messages from one part of the body to another part of the body through nerve impulses.

external image nervecell.gif

It includes:
  1. Dendrites
  2. Nucleus
  3. Cell body, a.k.a. soma
  4. Axon
  5. Myelin sheath
  6. Nodes
  7. Axon terminals

v Dendrites
  • Ø Receive signals/ conduct signals to the rest of the body
v Nucleus
  • Ø Contains the genetic information
v Cell body
  • § Has basic cellular organelles, excluding centrioles
  • Ø Produces proteins for dendrites, axons, and synaptic terminals
v Axon
  • § Long nerve fiber
  • Ø Transfers signals from the cell body to another nerve cell
v Myelin sheath
  • § A material made of protein and phospholipids that surrounds the axons of certain neurons
  • Ø Protect nerve fiber
  • Ø Insulate the nerve fiber
  • Ø Increase the rate of transmission of nerve impulses
v Nodes
  • § Gaps that occur in the myelin sheath of nerve fibers
  • Ø Allow nutrients/waste products to enter/leave the neuron
  • Ø Allow nerve impulses to move along the neuron
v Axon terminals
  • Ø Receive the signals from the rest of the neurons
  • Ø sends those signals along the branches across the synapses to the dendrites of another cell