By: Kimanh Nguyen

The ovaries are reproductive organs found in females. They house the ova, as well as produce the sex hormones, like estrogen and progesterone. They are found on either side of the uterus.

external image OvaryToon.jpg

It includes:
  1. Follicle
  2. Oocyte
  3. Ovarian ligament
  4. Corpus luteum
  5. . Corona radiate

v Follicle
  • Ø Structures that protect a single of egg by enclosing it
  • Ø Mature along with the egg until ovulation occurs
v Oocyte
  • Ø Immature ovum that is produced during female gametogenesis
v Ovarian ligament
  • Ø Connects the uterus and the ovary
  • Ø Houses the ovaries with arterial and venous supply
v Corpus luteum
  • Ø Temporary endocrine structure
  • Ø Involved in producing relatively high levels of progesterone
v Corona radiate
  • Ø Surrounds an ovum
  • Ø Consists of three layers of follicular cells