Anatomy of a Fold
A Fold is a bend in rock layers that results from stress.
A fold has feature:
Limbs: are the sloping sides of a fold
Hinge: is the area where the limbs meet at the bend in the rock layers.
Axial Plane: a plane can slice the fold into 2 symmetrical folds and this plane is called the axial plane.
A plane barely ever slices a fold symmertrically. It can also slice it verically and sometimes even asymmetrical. One side of a fold can dips more steeply than the other or it can be overturned and that means that the foldseems to be laying over its side. A fold can come or be in many open or closed shapes.
A folds hinge can be as smooth as a babys but or as sharp as a knife.
each fold is unique.
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