In this world that we live in there is a very high demand for seafood. There is one problem though, if we overfish or over harvest for a long period of time our fish populations can collapse. So we have come up with a solution known as: Aquaculture. Aquaculture is: the raising of aquatic plants and farming animals for human use of consumption.
Some animals that are grown in large aquatic farms are : catfish, salmon, oysters, and shrimp. Methods similar to these are used to breed fish and seaweed in ocean farms. By doing aquatic farms some problems are endured such as : pollution. Aquatic farms may be one of the causes of pollution and one of the sites where pollution occurs.
An ocean farm can produce as much or even more food than an agricultural farm of the same size does.
In an agricultural farm on the top layers of the soil can be used. On the other hand ocean farms may use a wide range of depths to produce food. One day we will be able to pump up the nutrient rich water from the bottom to the top to use it as a fertilizer for aquatic farms.
Another way to do aquaculture farms is to create tanks and grow the fish that you want in these tanks. What this does is instead of ruining the ecosystems you create your own ecosystem and grow the fish you want. The problem with this is that we are adding chemicals to the water that are not supposed to be their and that can ruin your ecosystem or not make it work as well. Aquaculture is a better alternative than damaging our oceanic ecosystems and overfishing
This is when you section off a part of the ocean to breed your own fish.
These are examples of aquatic farms
this is an example of aquatic farms in tanks